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Preserved Washed Baby Eucalyptus 1lb Bundle


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Our washed baby eucalyptus bunch is grown & preserved in California for long-lasting beauty and natural fragrance. Perfect for use in floral arrangements all year long and for special occasions such as weddings.

Our washed green is heat treated, which gives the eucalyptus an extra special shine with none of the white 'dust' eucalyptus usually has on it's leaves.

Each baby eucalyptus bunch is arranged by hand and weight; stem count will vary from depending on thickness and size. Stems are naturally grown and dried in California; preserved with natural vegetable glycerin.


1 lb per bunch

Grown & preserved in California

25" length for most stems

Each bundle is hand assorted and wrapped with NO plastic used in packaging

Keep away from high humidity & water

If smell is strong initially, leave outside for a short time to air out

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